Twenty-five days until Christmas, and twenty-five presents to win! The Advent Calendar is back again, and by a lucky coincidence, it begins tomorrow!

There’s a lot more at stake than five gold rings. The time has come to try your luck at winning the lottery! But if you think you just need to scratch a few boxes to land yourself a miraculous prize, then you’d better pinch yourself and wake up. You must first of all solve puzzles... which will lead you to the final surprise!
To enter the game, you must fulfil one of the following two conditions:
  • To have either made a purchase (Ogrines or items) from the Shop between January 1st 2015 and November 30th 2015.
  • Or up until and including December 25th (during the 2015 year): to have active Booster Pack Days or have made a purchase of Booster Pack Days.

Then the Advent Calendar will only be a mouse click away, on the link below starting December 1st around 10 AM GMT / 5 AM EST / 2 AM PST : !