The mysteries around the statue in Incarnam are beginning to take shape. It’s finally time to dispel all of the mystery surrounding this strange character and it’s… form. The statue is none other than the representation of… the new class coming to WAKFU: the Huppermages!

While Ogrest’s Chaos was in full swing on the surface of the World of Twelve, the Huppermages decided to leave in order to save their school. Shortly after they fled, the heart of their very island exploded and, despite all their efforts and sacrifices to save their inherited knowledge, the island crashed beneath the ocean, half submerged between sky and sea. With the world today slowly stabilizing, the Huppermages have reappeared!
So, why this sudden disappearance? What of the famed Huppermage School? And just who are these Huppermages anyway? What do they want? We will reveal all of their secrets in the coming weeks… starting with the Huppermage School (in a devblog coming soon!)
…AND, this new class will be available to all on the Beta server soon!



As with some of the new classes coming to the World of Twelve, we will unlock access to the Huppermages in several steps.

An early access...

In France, this new class will have a special relation to the DOFUS - Book 1: Julith movie. As such, it will be made available during preview screenings, contests, and other special events tied to the movie.
As for an international preview access, we are still working on ways for you to get your hands on it that would be both special and original. We're not forgetting you and we'll keep you updated very soon...

and then an all-around access!

Eventually, all players will be able to play the new class without any condition, like with any other character class.

This is just the first news regarding the new WAKFU character class, there will be more to come. And to reassure you, we will not wait for the movie to be screened in a theater near you to let you win an opportunity to play this new class in early access.

But first, a question: do you want to play a Huppermage? (Below is a sneak peek of how the Huppermage class will look, males will be revealed soon!)