You’re in for a scare… For the brave, rush online for the new update is here! Visit Forfut and Astrub too, where new nation quests wait for you. And who could forget the beautiful Brakmar, the location of a new dungeon.  A tip: before logging in, study the new spell system in this dedicated DevBlog and voracious video!

Vacations in the World of Twelve are pretty much the same in the real world. First, one needs to read up on all of the areas to visit (the itinerary) and prepare the equipment they need. For example, what are the best spells to use in that particular destination?
Then, you simply need to decided which activities to do first:

  • Explore the streets of Astrub and take an eventual hike of a nearby mountain (no need to take the Drago-express, you can walk it in 15.)
  • Take a trip on the wild side with a visit to a small, gloomy island. Not for the faint-hearted.
  • For the more adventurous… adventurers among you, visit the dungeons and monuments that await you in popular locations.
And don’t forget to visit the Stalagmotel in Brakmar: level 52, 4 new monsters, an exclusive boss and exclusive, 5 new achievements and 12 pieces of new equipment (in case you wanted to bring a souvenir.) 
Forfut Island has its share of attractions too: Wagnar’s Castle (Level 82) and the Miseryeum (Level 77)
Packed for your trip? Perfect, leave immediately for the trip of lifetime: Forfut Frenzy!