Discover the Flame Knight, in a new video. Your new Sidekick is now available in the Shop! He will surely make your enemies walk on hot embers....

Radiating extreme heat from the Fire element, this first Tormentator Knight is burning of impatience to join you! He is counting on you to whip his fighting skills into shape by giving him a second element of your choice, leaving you in control of the tactical side and to him the heat of the moment!
You can recruit your very own Flame Knight from the Shop for the price of 5800 OG!
Do you like fighting? So do not hesitate! From now until Sunday the 10th of May at 10:59 PM (GMT) / 2:59 PM (PST) / 5:59 PM (EST), the virtual figurine of the Flame Knight, playable in Krosmaster Arena online, will also be given to you with your Sidekick!

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