The sinister cries of crows echo out in the distance; the resolute peddlers and traders welcome you… to the land of Kelba! But be wary, keep an eye on your possessions, for this land may not be as tranquil as it looks. Up there, perched high, a strange bird watches you… 

All hands to Kelba!

It’s here, the update is finally online! Explore the new and revamped island of Kelba, resembling a distinct similarity to the Kelba of the Wakfu, Animated Series.  The Black Crow is waiting and watching. So set foot and discover everything the merchants, and the island, have to offer!
The update includes:

  • A new main quest.
  • The addition of the Otomai Disciples and mercenary camps.
  • The War Gobball mounts.
  • And a new story to follow…
You can view the changelog by clicking here.
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…But tread carefully in this land of Kelba... because he lurks in the shadows, he caws from within the clouds: the terrible… Black Crow!