From the 16th (1:00 AM PST) to the 18th of March (4:00 PM PST), whether or not you’re a Pandawa, come and celebrate Saint Potrick’s Day! Dress in green and down those glasses! To make the celebration extra special, we offer you the chance to take part in our game, Quick Potrick. Specially designed for the occasion, play and leave with one of the many prizes to be won! 

Like every year, (usually at the same time) Pandawas pay tribute to their god celebrating the anniversary of his coming. On this occasion, the fermented bamboo-milk flows merrily… as do the presents!

Try your luck at Quick Potrick and if luck is on your side, the green door will reveal a Pandawa Haven Bag kit!

ATTENTION: Only players with an active booster pack or purchased a booster pack within the last year can participate.

May lady luck be on your side!