We are happy to bring you one of the most awesome costume to date: the Lotus Dynast Costume! Spend 10.000 Ogrines or more in a single purchase, and receive this very special costume! But hurry, this promotion is only valid until March 16th!

The Dynast Costumes are all part of a very special collect. Everybody wants one! If you don't want to be out of it, take a look at how you can earn yours.

How can I get mine?

It's quite simple: the Lotus Dynast Costume can be yours, as a gift from us to you, with any single purchase of 10.000 Ogrines or more in the Shop! Upon the confirmation of your order, the costume will be delivered to your account together with every other items you've purchased. 

This offer is not valid for in-game purchases, only the ones made on our website Shop.

Starting today, you can enjoy this offer until Monday, March 16th (11:59 PM, server time)!