Have you been waiting? The Ankama Authenticator application is now available, for all players, on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Thanks to this mobile app, you are protected by your log-in details AND your mobile device! 

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During our survey about security, many of you expressed an interest in protecting your accounts via a mobile device. We took note of your interest, and today we are introducing the Authenticator! This will allow you to increase your account security with your smartphone or tablet.

Once the Authenticator has been activated, your account will still be protected by your password, but you will now also need to authorise the connection with your mobile device. This dual protection improves your account's security, because a thief won't be able to do anything without both these elements.

To find out more about this new protection system, make sure you take a look at our video tutorial!

Authenticator is avaliable for all players

Deployed in beta some months ago, we have considered innumerable responses from our beta-testers and many of their suggestions have been put into action.
The Authenticator is now available in its full version for all accounts. Whether you want to connect to DOFUS, WAKFU, or any other Ankama account, they will all be protected by your mobile device.

Available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, you can download the Ankama Authenticator from Google Play, iTunes and Windows Store.

If you want more information about the Authenticator, don't hesitate to visit the dedicated FAQ.

If you have any issues, you can easily report them to Ankama Support

More generally, we're interested to know what you think about our app and we would be delighted if you'd share your opinion with us in our Authenticator survey.