Portals have appeared throughout the World of Twelve! They are finally here! Prepare to pass through and meet the masters, but beware of their immense power… It is no doubt that the Eliotropes are the stars of this new update, envied by the Pandawas, now fit after a dose of healing bamboo milk.

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No need to be blue, they aren't novices! The formidable Eliotropes are waiting for you right now in the December update. Who will master their exceptional powers? Who will be the first to reach the highest level? The competition – for having fun – is open!

As we approach Kwismas, the Eliotropes are not the only ones beaming down into the spotlight. Revised, revamped and rejuvenated, the Pandawas are here with greater flexibility and dynamism. Wandering from state to state, they’ll be carrying barrels full of health points!

Other new features also await you in this update: 

  • Kwismas Island will reopen on Tuesday the 16th of December 
  • And… Oh, wait, we can’t speak about that!

Has your curiousity been piqued? Then hurry up, teleport into the World of Twelve!