Before, you might have been walking around cheerfully, with no apprehensions in Enurado. You might have even lost a few teeth now and then, but nothing too bad (at worst you invested in gold teeth), but tomorrow, everything will be different... Enurado will go into hardcore mode!

The Enurado dungeon will go into hardcore mode. No more laughing! You will be able to enter through the same door as the "normal" dungeon, but this time, we are not sure if you will only loose a few teeth... This is what awaits you!

The characteristics of the monsters are increasing​:
  • + 5 levels
  • HP x 1,25
  • + 50 % damage
  • + 75 % resistance

And the boss, dear Cledus 'Onist (who changed his name for the occasion and will become Cledus 'Onist the Unlocker) will offer you a few surprises and extra rewards! In his "rookie" version, Cledus 'Onist the Key-Keeper was already mean... You can only imagine how he will be!