Do you wish to become the proud owner of a Krakotte or a new pet, well today we have a special offer to help you in the care of your brand new friend for yabba dabba doo times galore until Friday 29/08 included!

Buy a pet and receive a Mummifying Candy!

You may wonder how to help your new little companion while you are on the go and immersed in a world of adventure, well we have the solution, starting today any pet purchase will come with 1 Mummifying Candy until Friday 29th of August included!

This candy will allow your pet to go without food for 1 week! Which also is available for one of your potential new friend now available in the Shop:


  • 3500 G
  • Many available customization options in the Shop.
  • Comes with a Mummifying Candy until 29/08 included!

What are you waiting for? Go meet your new pet today!