As most of the known universe, the World of Twelve is in perpetual motion. The population’s movements being at the mercy of their changing interests. Pioneers settled into the more remote areas to provide their services to adventurers in their quest of thrills. The world is changing... Will you accept the challenge?

Think you've been all over this world and seen everything, know each trees, and know every bend of the river...? Think again! The September update will take you to a richer world

Mercenaries Counters, for example, will help you earn experience by completing the contracts offered to you...

And the Otomai's disciples, let's talk about them too! You might have crossed their path here and there... Now, no region will escape their grip. Find their camp and complete daily quests: XP is just down the road! 

What does come first in mind when talking about XP? Dungeons, bravo! Precisely, the first dungeons will be playable solo. From time to time, level up your character in a more quiet setting... A little advice: take two Sidekicks with you, just in case! 
See you in-game in September!