As most of the known universe, the World of Twelve is in perpetual motion. The population’s movements being at the mercy of their changing interests. Pioneers settled into the more remote areas to provide their services to adventurers in their quest of thrills. The world is changing... Will you accept the challenge?

Think you've been all over this world and seen everything, know each trees, and know every bend of the river...? Think again! The September update will take you to a richer world

Mercenaries Counters, for example, will help you earn experience by completing the contracts offered to you...

And the Otomai's disciples, let's talk about them too! You might have crossed their path here and there... Now, no region will escape their grip. Find their camp and complete daily quests: XP is just down the road! 

What does come first in mind when talking about XP? Dungeons, bravo! Precisely, the first dungeons will be playable solo. From time to time, level up your character in a more quiet setting... A little advice: take two Sidekicks with you, just in case! 
See you in-game in September!
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Mikutza 25 August 2014 18:31
so ... how much XP are we talking here?
Emmisary 25 August 2014 18:36
Yes how much exp are we talking about from these quests...........
Nox16 - Member - 25 August 2014 18:43
ThyHolyOverlord - Member (+) - 25 August 2014 19:22
Nox16|2014-08-25 18:43:58dungeons?
She is talking about the easy mode. You can complete it with 3 chars and get 5 tokens instead of 10.
Nyolotte 25 August 2014 19:35
Not too happy about this.. I don't want Wakfu to become another one of 'those' MMOs. ._.
ThyHolyOverlord - Member (+) - 25 August 2014 19:51
I'm happy to see more otomai fellas everywhere but it would be nice to see their wishlist expanded. Its now a must to level trapper and other jobs don't get their daily exp.

one note: Otomai should not be active in the god dimensions, it would be ridiculous seeing humans from a clan in an area that couldn't be travelled to for many years. Please think of the Lore and replace them by voyagers wink
Neneko88 - Member - 25 August 2014 19:56
I prefer this than trying run 6 accounts to level.
Thank you for these otomai quests ankama.
TommyTrouble - Member - 25 August 2014 23:02
I am happy to see an expansion of these quests. Thank you, Ankama.
MiniMikeh - Member - 25 August 2014 23:12
Mikutza|2014-08-25 18:31:45so ... how much XP are we talking here?
These daily quests already exist in the game. Sabi is just stating that there will be much more of them.

Currently they give enough XP to be considered worth doing at least the high level ones like wabbit and up.

I'm currently 160 but before that I did black wabbit, lenald, zwombit, wabbit, guawd, spore, cactus daily quests for exp every day.

They give about 2 - 7mil per quests depending on what is required of it.
Fadedscourge 25 August 2014 23:13
I wish they could just give all the upcoming info for September already, I'm tired of all this waiting.