Are you already familiar with our services in the Shop? if not, this is the right time to discover them and enjoy a 20% off on either the "Sex and Appearance Change Potion" or the "Name Change". Don't miss out, this special promotion ends Monday 25th of August (included).

Shop services gone wild!

Fancy a complete change of identity, a new start in the World of Twelve or simply wants to customize again your character?

Well don't wait no further as we are offering you a special promotion of 20% off on the following Shop services which will end on Monday 25th of August (included):

Sex and Appearance Change Potion

  • 3500 2800 G
  • This potion lets you change the sex of your character, as well as its colors and its clothes.

Name Change

  • 2800 2240 G
  • Is your name so old it's gone out of fashion? Are you regretting the errors of your youth? Has the arrival of the Foggernauts inspired you to take on a newer, hipper moniker? The Master Owls will set you straight with a high-flying new name to match your worldly ambitions! Please note: this service is only available once every 3 months per account and is subject to availability.

See you in the Shop!

WNxSidewinder - Member (+) - 23 August 2014 01:17
Unrelated, sorry; Sabi, check the technical forum for me, there is a topic addressed to you.
Fluffenstein 23 August 2014 14:22
This is great, but the slight problem is your payment service doesn't work, my dear Ankama friends. It simply refuses payments from Credit Cards and PayPal. That's terrible, really. First company, ever, that doesn't want their customer's money. Other than that you don't provide beta keys for Steam anymore, where people can actually spend on Ogrines. And totally on the other hand your support can't process my ticket. #1154974

- CC msg: Your payment could not be credited since no payment has been registered for this transaction.
- PayPal: For security reasons, your Paypal payment ca not be accepted. Please, choose another payment method.
lealr - Member - 27 August 2014 05:06
They sure like advertising things that can't be bought. They need to fix their payment method before they continue with all their sales.
Celay01 29 August 2014 08:24
Please Sabi Click here