Mikala the zits Meridia may make you see many colors this weekend. Well mostly green... And rather than hide yourself, locked away in your Haven Bag during those times you wish to not be seen, why not show the creatures of the ugly dungeons that they do not have the monopoly of feeling shy?
Seeing so many deformity around you, you may have thought that it was already Al Howin. But no, August 24th is the day of Mikala, the zit Meridia.

And it is also the Bat International Night celebration. Looks like we are in luck! No one will mind if you are going to hide in the darkness of a few dungeons to compare your hideousness to theirs.

To help you, we will offer starting on the 23rd of August (00:01 AM) until Sunday, August 24th (11:59 PM) a bonus of +50% Combat XP and +100% of Kamas for the following dungeons:
  • Miss Ugly
  • Bwork
  • Larventura
  • The Ratatombs
  • The Trool Academy
  • Arachnoshima Dungeon
  • The Undieworld
  • The Shustuft Crust
  • Blackspore Dungeon
  • Vampyro Dungeon
They say that beauty is on the inside. However, it clearly will not be the case within these dungeons for 2 days!