Ever thought about increasing the size of your Haven Bag? We have just the thing for you! Starting today until Friday 22nd of August included, enjoy a pack of Garden Haven-Gems x2 or a pack of Deco Haven-Gems x2 at slashing prices in the Shop!

Time to expend!

Want to add space in your Haven Bag to show off your latest decoration or maybe wanting extra gardening space to create that special garden that you ever wanted or simply growing plants in the cozy atmosphere of your Haven Bag?

Well... Dont look no further, this limited time sale will only be present until friday 22nd of August included at the following prices:

Garden Haven-Gem x2

  • 2400 G
  • Throughout history, magicians have been able to mysteriously pull Wabbits out of their hats. With this Haven-Gem, they can now pull Cawwots out of their bags! 

Deco Haven-Gem x2

  • 1700 G
  • As Tom Alyn used to say: 'The corner in a round room is between the ceiling and the wall!'

Don't wait any longer, visit the shop today!