Mount up! And get on the road to discover this July game update: she is now online!

Mount Up!

The Petsmounts arrived and with them a lot of surprises! Do not get on your high horse yet ( instead choose your future Drago...), here are more details:

  • Shushu Dimension: The second dungeon is opened, including its hardcore version! And the Guild of Hunters awaits you with daily quests.
  • Epic Items: Breastplate, belt and epaulette, there's something for all tastes and all levels!
  • Reconnecting in combat: If an unwanted disconnection happens in combat, you will be returned to the battle again with the same character. But beware: the fight has continued without you!
  • Notifications of new content: With each level gain, a notification will show you the content that has become accessible to you and their location.
  • Minimum Level Requirement: The minimum level of access to a dungeon is not "recommended", but "required". The information will appear on your Dungeon interface on your world map, and on the door of the dungeon.  

To discover in depth the July Update, read the changelog or simply... Log in!