If the arrival of the mounts in WAKFU is already very good news, the ability to customize the appearance of these creatures in order to match your characters can significantly boosts the interest of this feature! Choose the Dragoturkey that you like and customize it!

Get ready for the road!
There are two types of mounts, with very different appearances:

The Trained Dragoturkeys: you can acquire them in the game via a quest and they can make it really hard to resist their feathery style!
  • Trained Dragoturkey of Precision: +40% single target damage / +25% movement speed
  • Trained Dragoturkey of Range: +40% range damage / +25% movement speed
  • Trained Dragoturkey of Destruction: +40% AoE damage / +25% movement speed
  • Trained Dragoturkey of Melee: +40% melee damage / +25% movement speed 

The Drago-Steeds: you can get your hands on them in the Store for 5800 OG. More "Style", a hair faster (or a feather quicker), they sure know how to impose their charisma!:
These mounts can be customized in the same way as a pet​.

Therefore, more than just being a mount, the Dragoturkeys of WAKFU are the Petsmounts.
There are several costumes, called "Harnesses". You are free to change it when you want (provided you have it in your inventory obviously!). To this day, you can have four symbolic harnesses of the four nations, which are compatible with all mounts and that you can get via a quest in the game:
  • The Bonta Harness
  • The Brakmar Harness
  • The Amakna Harness
  • The Sufokia Harness

There is also a special harness which is compatible only with the Drago-Steed and only available in the shop :
   For those who already know they are choosing the Drago-Steeds, a "Drago-Steed + Harness" pack is offered to you for 7500 OG! Discover them in the shop only until July 29th!
Before prancing around holding the reins of your faithful Drago (Turkey or Steed), with your hair in the wind under a summer sun, you will have to get your... Petsmount Permit. Do not melt into tears, you will not have any driving lessons requirements to get before passing, but simply a level 35 quest in Astrub to complete.
Have a safe route!