"Get on it, you will see Mount Zinit!”. What is this cryptic expression that arouses the curiosity of adventurers? Well... This is actually the advertising commercial of the breeders of... Wait! What do you mean? The answer now on video!

Starting next Tuesday, July 22nd, these fabulous creatures will be at your fingertips! But beware, their control requires a minimum of knowledge, consult here some knowledgeable information inspired by an old diary written centuries ago by a certain Homar Sherif, who apparently was known as the international specialist of the Dragodindes/Dragoturkeys.
Learn at the same time what is in store for you in this July’s update, especially when this update is given the sweet name of: Mount Up! 

Now as far are mounting up on your new proud steed, there might be a type of little monsters to discover when going down to the Flaxhid Sanctuary... If you miss it, you can count on them to... "shushu singing” it to you!"
If you plan on going there, do not forget your equipment items and we have just the thing for you, with the new "Account Chest"! Yes, you got it! With a Booster Pack, you will get a common chest for all your characters on the same account, with ten slots to share!

A mount, a chest... Now is your time to travel! Yes, but not just anywhere. The World of Twelve is a land of adventure with no tourism! You no longer need to visit a dungeon if you do not have the minimum required level. You cannot miss it: it will appear on your dungeon interface, on your world map and on the door of the dungeon! 
What else? Insatiable you are! Simply “click here” to find out... And we are not quite done yet as by popular demand here comes: Reconnecting while in combat! Yes, you read it right: no more lost battles due to unwanted disconnection!

Happy? See you on Tuesday!