Today we would like to share with you an interview with Azael our Producer & Lead Game Designer for WAKFU to introduce you to or reintroduce some of you to the World of Twelve and its future. 


How would you describe Wakfu?

Azael: WAKFU is a tactical turn-based MMO really centered on the players, allowing them to have a huge impact on the whole game world.  For example, all monsters and game resources are managed by the players; there is no automatic reset in WAKFU. And if you have the soul of a leader, you’ll love the political system of the game: you’ll be able to satisfy all your fantasies and become the governor of a nation, to choose your laws and even start conflicts between nations.

You’ll also find 15 classes to please everyone’s taste, and a colorful environment with our own and well-known sense of humor.

This is really a one-of-a-kind game and I hope that many players will be tempted by the adventure!


Do you have a favorite Class? If yes, which one?

Azael: Sram probably, for its specific gameplay and its role as a "finisher". Its Double skill is very useful to me at my Job…

What feature do you think appeals more to the players in Wakfu?

Azael: WAKFU has not only one or two features that make a difference; the whole game is really unique.
The freedom we offer through the politic and ecosystem features really places the player at the center of the game. He has a real impact on his environment and on the other player’s as well.

The story and the transmedia background is another aspect that makes WAKFU a very unique game. We work on narration in a very different way than other MMOs. We want to avoid all the classic quests like "Kill 10 monsters" or "Talk to this character" “Find this item”... We try to give an “adventure game” dimension to WAKFU by making the player follow a story. But the narration is not mandatory to move forward in the game. The player can completely live aside one region’s or island’s adventure and keep progressing in WAKFU.


What are the ideas behind changing from the subscription model to this new one?

Azael: We wanted to adapt our offer to make it more attractive to the new countries where WAKFU is now available.

Do you think this major change in the game’s model will expand the current Wakfu universe?

Azael: Yes, I am sure. WAKFU was created with the basic idea of an open world where players shape the game world with their own way of playing. It is a philosophy that fully blends with this change.

It is also a second wind for WAKFU and an important turning point for us.

What do the new Booster Packs have to offer to the player?

Azael: Mainly bonuses such as the boost exp., Drop and Kama gain. 

Will there be exclusive items on the Store available for players?

Azael: Yes, most of the objects are exclusive to the shop and new ones will come out. We want to keep specific objects for the game and shop.

To wrap things up, could you give us a sneak-peek about which new content will be coming to Wakfu later this year?

Azael: The first PVP system is on its way! It’s really unique because it’s based on our political system and, more particularly, on guardians and outlaws.

We will review the narration too and improve and enrich the main quest to give a clear goal to players.
In May we also launched a new story arc, with the first chapters for THL: the Divine Dimensions.

In addition to an exclusive adventure, we will increase the maximum level for players by releasing a whole new batch of equipment, new monsters and new dungeons to each chapter.


So stay tuned, because I'll meet you by the end of the year for a nice surprise
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Asthis 18 July 2014 00:25
Please fix payment options before releasing exclusive boutique stuff. Most people can't buy ogrines.
kurokat 18 July 2014 00:32
We would like to buy Ogrines. Please make it possible again.

- Kat
ReiYano 18 July 2014 00:35
please for the love of all that is holy. let me give you my money ankama QQ the payment system is broken.
[Sabi] - Administrator - 18 July 2014 00:42
Hi everyone,

If you are encountering any payment issues, please make sure to make use of our support service team which will be more than happy to assist you. smile
Asthis 18 July 2014 00:59
Can't enter credit card name or address and Paypal doesn't work. It's broken.
[Sabi] - Administrator - 18 July 2014 01:11
Asthis|2014-07-18 00:59:23Can't enter credit card name or address and Paypal doesn't work. It's broken.

Thank you for letting me know, I have noticed the reports on the forums, therefore I am checking with the team as well.
Sargent-Wiggest - Member - 18 July 2014 01:44
Use another picture sabi, that one looks weird
kurokat 18 July 2014 02:48
Sabi|2014-07-18 00:42:11Hi everyone,

If you are encountering any payment issues, please make sure to make use of our support service team which will be more than happy to assist you. smile
Your link doesn't work sadly Sabi. Sent in a Ticket about a month ago. Did not want to make multiple on the same thing and flood them.

Thanks for letting us know you're looking into it.

- Kat
rmw1 18 July 2014 10:50
Ankama isn't a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, is it?
MereBytes 18 July 2014 11:23
The political system sucks in wakfu and in real life. Too bad there isn't a quick patch for the latter one.
You can't make huge impact to Wakfu world no matter how hard you try and wasn't the enviroment supposed to change toward wakfu and stasis depending on how players acted...would be great if mobs changed and mood of area changed more towards either one when an area was impacted.
Also...That's one short interview and not many questions made by players either.