A companion who gets rolling towards anyone for you, it can hurt. Especially when it is expelled from a vortex at high speed! Privileged tool of the Dimensional Travelers for generations, the Krosmoglob is constantly evolving. This allowed him to become a dual element: Air/Water. It might be proven to be a mistake to not have him by your side...


He has survived throughout the ages and Dimensions, increasing his potential and his characteristics at the same time...

The Krosmoglob is your new dual element Sidekick, and he is also the greatest of all Air/Water!
This technomagical orb will surprise your opponents by its shape, its movements and attacks. He also proves that the Sidekicks are not necessarily humanoid... But do not worry, the electricity shall still flow between you both! 


In combat, the Krosmoglob will send your opponents rolling away like nobody else has done before. Healer from his Water side and damage dealer from his Air side, he also display an array of interesting spells (names of the spells to be localized and kept in this news in order to discover the spells):
  • Wormhole/Trou de Ver

Works in two phases. In the first phase: it marks a target and creates a Wormhole under his feet. The second phase: he teleports the marked target where you will place your second Wormhole.
  • Vortex krosmique

If Water is the highest mastery, Vortex krosmique will perform an Air and Water healing around the Krosmoglob. If Air mastery is the highest, the spell will attracts all targets towards its center, dealing Air and Water damage.
  • Vent krosmique

If Water is the highest mastery, the spell will perform an Air and Water healing without a line of sight. If Air mastery is the highest, the spell deals Water and Air damage.
  • Pulsion

Can be used twice per turn, this spell allows you to cast a rebound heal if Water is the highest mastery or a dual element attack on a small area if Air mastery is the hightest.
  • Énergie bipolaire

The Krosmoglob switches his bonus to Water damage or Air damage for the rest of the Combat or until a new use of this spell.
  • Augmentation de gravité

WP spell that can be used twice per turn. If Water is the highest mastery, it will gives a healing bonus for an infinite duration. If Air is the highest mastery, it will deal critical damage permanently.
  • Faille temporelle

This spell will heal the target and deal damage to an ennemy close to the target.
  • Gravité alternée

When Krosmoglob master Water, the most wounded ally is healed for 10% by the Krosmoglob. When Krosmoglob master Air, Krosmoglob will inflict again 25% of the damage already done to their target and 10% to the Krosmoglob.

Soon, you will not be able to let go of your Krosmoglob! However, if at any time you wonder if you've lost your head, make sure it didn't just teleported away...