On Friday, July 4th, 2014, Ankama will be holding a special screening of Wakfu episodes at Anime Expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center in the USA! After the screening, there will be a Wakfu Anime panel where you can discuss the show and ask questions of Ankama reps, including your faithful Sabi, who will be attending the show.

AnimeExpo is the largest anime, manga, and Japanese culture convention in North America, so you can be sure that Yugo and friends will be warmly welcomed.

Don't miss this great opportunity to meet other Wakfu fans in an animation-friendly environment. There may even be a special surprise for Kickstarter backers who attend...

The showing starts at 5:45 PM in Video Room 1 on July 4th and the panel begins at 8:45 PM in LP4 on the same day.

Register for the convention now to get the best entrance price

We hope to see you there!  
Reime - Member - 27 June 2014 02:30
I hope this gets recorded, at least the "Ask Me Anything" part of it.
Pakonitan 27 June 2014 03:28
Wish they would have announced this a bit sooner, but at least it's in the US now... now if they could only get a convention in my state...XD
aquabeauty 27 June 2014 03:34
Yeyyyeyeye I hope this works as a marketing tool and leads to prosperity for the conpany!!! Good job Ankama keep advertising!!!
TommyTrouble - Member - 27 June 2014 04:03
Omg just down the street!

I might go with the BF!
Reime - Member - 27 June 2014 05:19
TommyTrouble|2014-06-27 04:03:22Omg just down the street!

I might go with the BF!
Pick me and Nira up to go to it. sad
elpidio99 27 June 2014 19:02
no july 4 nooooo!!!! because i go to miami in july 4 i dont have enough money for a poor cuban QQ
TommyTrouble - Member - 27 June 2014 21:15
Just did the maths: $35.00 for a 1-day pass to the Expo. So for myself and Mouse, it would come out to more than a 1-Year Subscription to Wakfu.

We -want- to come, but have a few questions, before we can justify that kind of expense:

Will there be a discount pass for just attending the Ankama stuff?

Will there be substantial freebies given away by Ankama to attendees?


And yes Mari, if we go, and you and Nir can get your buttocks up to LA, I'd be happy to drive happy We can have adventures!
Neneko88 - Member - 27 June 2014 21:18
no excuses tommy, you should go :x
Sentrayak 27 June 2014 21:31
Damnit, someone go there and film the entire thing for me. D:
kite250 27 June 2014 23:33
I dont think they let u film but ill do what i can XD i just bough my tickets woot biggrin going to stalk them till they leave XD