Now you know: WAKFU will be available on a subscription-free game model. You may think we’d take some benefits away because of this change… Well, we have a surprise that will certainly make you think twice!

All players will have full access to all zones, they can fight all monsters, do PvP, level up without limit, and access to all the unique WAKFU features such as economy, ecosystem, craft and politics.
"This monster isn't giving me enough experience ..." complained the young Iop for the hundredth time after defeating the hundredth piwi, after reaching level 30. Probably he should fight against stronger creatures to evolve his skills, but you know what they all say about Iops...
Tired of Iop's complaints, the gods blessed him with an amazing bonus (of course our wise little friend continued facing Piwis, but that's another story...) and from this magical blessing, Booster Packs were born!
With these packs, you can increase the experience bonus in combat and quests, you'll also have better chances to get items and kamas after battles, as well as other benefits!
Check out the table below to see more details about our upcoming Booster Packs!


And because we know you’ll love this new WAKFU, you’ll be able to get up to 1 year of Booster, based on the 30 days benefits and with a price discount according to the duration.
Which leads us to one question you surely have: How much will cost you? Those Boosters Packs will be available in Ogrines, we’ll share the details for all packs very soon, but rest assured that prices will be really accessible.
Besides the packs, the shop will be also available. As of today, there will be cosmetic items, pets, consumables, companions and services. We’ll get back to you with more details soon.
And don’t worry about your remaining subscription days : they will be automatically converted into Booster days! Plus you might get some other surprises to reward your loyalty to WAKFU... more information, coming soon!
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MakoSeraph - Member - 27 June 2014 04:44
Since there will be an FAQ, here are my questions:

° Will the revamp to item crafts and drops be global? (Or can we expect everyone to get a positive effect, not just premium?)
° Will there be improved means of reporting and/or action against Terms of Use violators?
° Do you have a complete list of limitations to features for Non-premium members that we may see?
Gynrei 27 June 2014 04:50
aquabeauty|2014-06-27 03:48:24uughh... things are beginning to take a turn for the worse...

Here we go... 40$ pets, 80$ insignias... what is next... what could be next?

I pray you dont do F2P all wrong, but from the looks of it.. that is where it is headed.

Yeah. I'm sure it won't be too bad but the whole way Ankama handles things is taking it's toll and turning me off more and more.

It needs to be clearly stated the booster increase is for the exp/drop rates that haven't been implemented yet. Not for our current rates. It sounds way too much like we're all getting higher rates then what we get now and people will sub, giving you money based on that LIE.

I know it's technically not a lie but give me a friggin break. That's their intent and it's wrong, legal or not. 
DarkHHHHHH 27 June 2014 05:15
I really hate Ogrines after I lost half of them because expiration and increase in price.
I am willing to buy subscription by cash for 2 accounts, but not the expiring Ogrines even much more expensive.

You said that is not fair Ogrines have same price with direct subscription because kama can change to Ogrines "in Dofus". Most of Wakfu players don't play Dofus, is that also unfair to us?

I think you can do those Boosters Packs, but you must bring the price of Ogrines to be normal or pay by cash like now that make people keep buying to support you, not tell the original subscribed players to pay more.
Gynrei 27 June 2014 05:27
Look at the title of this thread. It clearly states NEW BENEFITS. New... as in something we didn't have before. Something like a higher drop rate. Not the same old drop rates.

The list states a boost to our exp. A boost to our drop rates. Ankama even gives us the number, 10% MORE they say. !0% more than what? More than the nerf they're about to bring down to all F2P players. Which puts all us paying subscribers back to where we were before. So i see nothing new at all. Nothing 'boosted'.

I don't know about anyone else, but when i read the OP i get the VERY CLEAR impression that by paying for boosters i will get MORE EXP/DROP RATES than i do now. Not the same.
T1gerator - Member - 27 June 2014 06:17
Dathura is exempt from this and everybody has access to Dathura by default, so maybe that invasion could be more like an immigration.
altamoure 27 June 2014 06:19
It would be greatly appreciated if we were told if the booster packs will cost the same as subs do now. unsure 
Zygarde - Member (+) - 27 June 2014 07:26
So are these servers just going to be using the APAC system? ohmy

I think it would help clear up a lot of little details if you could say "yes, we're basically just switching to the APAC payment model."
ennieeee - Member - 27 June 2014 08:38
Ankama get it together, what is with this painfully slow reveal? Surely something as big as this must have been planned well in advance, so why hold back so much information? Simply a ploy to reduce the amount of rioting? Enough of this pretending you're giving us something great and be more transparent already. Please treat the non-French community with more respect and work on getting us more timely announcements with less frilly language.

Also, WILL THE PAYMENT SYSTEM BE FIXED? Because tempting me with booster packs won't work if I can't even pay in the first place.
Soundtrack8 27 June 2014 08:58
Whiterummy|2014-06-27 02:41:59Now when you say 10% do you mean plainly adding 10% to a drop rate?
According to the wapac system it doesn't actually alter the drop rates of items.

Theres a few posts with a moderator explaining the system in this thread
Im going to assume it's the same as the wapac side as the bonuses are all the same.
VoidSettler - Member - 27 June 2014 10:22
I might be one of the players least prone to complain on these forums, but even I will admit being absolutely disgusted as well if they try and promote these changes as if we will not loose anything in this transition to a new model. This is the second promotion in a row with sentences like:

"But what will be taken away from us to compensate for all this?", asks the young Iop.NOTHING! Somethings in Wakfu are far too awesome to be removed!"


"You may think we’d take some benefits away because of this change… Well, we have a surprise that will certainly make you think twice!"

I have no problem in paying what I have been paying to have exactly what I had before (What a sentence btw) - But these vague promising advertisements are 'lies' the moment they do pull even the slightest in gaming experience from us without purchasing these boosters. I do not tolerate lies.