Now you know: WAKFU will be available on a subscription-free game model. You may think we’d take some benefits away because of this change… Well, we have a surprise that will certainly make you think twice!

All players will have full access to all zones, they can fight all monsters, do PvP, level up without limit, and access to all the unique WAKFU features such as economy, ecosystem, craft and politics.
"This monster isn't giving me enough experience ..." complained the young Iop for the hundredth time after defeating the hundredth piwi, after reaching level 30. Probably he should fight against stronger creatures to evolve his skills, but you know what they all say about Iops...
Tired of Iop's complaints, the gods blessed him with an amazing bonus (of course our wise little friend continued facing Piwis, but that's another story...) and from this magical blessing, Booster Packs were born!
With these packs, you can increase the experience bonus in combat and quests, you'll also have better chances to get items and kamas after battles, as well as other benefits!
Check out the table below to see more details about our upcoming Booster Packs!


And because we know you’ll love this new WAKFU, you’ll be able to get up to 1 year of Booster, based on the 30 days benefits and with a price discount according to the duration.
Which leads us to one question you surely have: How much will cost you? Those Boosters Packs will be available in Ogrines, we’ll share the details for all packs very soon, but rest assured that prices will be really accessible.
Besides the packs, the shop will be also available. As of today, there will be cosmetic items, pets, consumables, companions and services. We’ll get back to you with more details soon.
And don’t worry about your remaining subscription days : they will be automatically converted into Booster days! Plus you might get some other surprises to reward your loyalty to WAKFU... more information, coming soon!
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FurmentalAlchemy 27 June 2014 02:02
Please don't show the items you lose to not being "boosted" like it's done in APAC. It's what I hate the most from the whole ordeal, not even the reduced drop rates themselves. I'd rather not know what I missed, and it's petty and definitively not encouraging me to pay up.
XjumperX 27 June 2014 02:10
Surely if people want this, they would've gone to wakfu asia? Why not just allow f2p people access the entire game but forbid them to do dungeons, for example. Then add more items to the boutique that people actually want. I'm really worried that this change will encourage people to 6 account and then what's the point in sidekicks? Someone could sub 1 account and have 2 sidekicks and yet drop less than someone with 3 f2p accounts :S I won't say too much more as there aren't many details but I'm not liking the look of this...
Testimony 27 June 2014 02:12
Ah shit its through Ogrines that essentially equates to a price increase for subbing.
Giving it's like 15 USD to sub on WAPAC given their 10$ limit. Which a damn lot more than what I pay to sub here, for even 2 accounts lol. I hope that doesn't become the case because its a lot harder to justify the sub cost on WAPAC to be honest if it's going to be copy + pasted pay options. I can get something as fleshed out as FFXIV for 14 bucks without a 5 character limit or pay ~15 bucks for 5 chars on Wapac ~30 for 10 chars which was stupid and quickly became a cost I didn't feel needed to be continued so I returned to International. Wapac is fricking expensive.

Some appropriate scaling would be appreciated.
Shoot given its going F2p I don't know why you don't NOW work on selling us extra character slots. There is more reason to multibox now that its free but if we could just get some damn extra character slots that wouldn't be necessary and you'd still profit off the initial purchase.

Real talk I hope there is some kind of double EXP/Drop Weekend because it be nice to see players start to fill up the zones and the auction board.
There is nothing for sale on Nox like flip its empty, grinding for everything like there are no players.....because there are no players lol.
Revenant-Verse - Member (+) - 27 June 2014 02:21
A sham indeed, why not just go F2P and focus on the cash shop? Its hard enough to increase the playerbase.
vieira12345 27 June 2014 02:24
i pay £50 on sub and i get 10% drop rate? what the hell lol
XjumperX 27 June 2014 02:32
Oh and another thing - since sidekicks will essentially be useless, why not just allow us to add extra characters from our accounts to the same fight, using 1 window as we currently do with sidekicks? I really don't see the point in having to open up X clients in order to play multiple characters, especially when the game will be f2p. Or at the very least make sidekicks more useful, interesting and actually on par with real characters.
Whiterummy - Member - 27 June 2014 02:41
Now when you say 10% do you mean plainly adding 10% to a drop rate?

I've been here long enough to know there is always a Claus and the way I'M seeing this is a 10% increase to the base drop rates.


anything worth dropping is at a pathetic 0.1%

What would amazing (and let's face it unbalanced):

Base: 0.1%

With Prem: 10.1%

The Reality:

Base: 0.1%

With Prem: 0.11% (that's a whole 0.01% increase folks)

While adding a 10% increase to base drop rates seems very good on paper with base drop rates as low as they are you're really not adding a boost to anyone who are trying to actually drop gear. Resources will be a little easier but gear will still be a nightmare. And I also predict you will keep this system regardless. You will wait until everyone's booster runs out from the switch over then you bust out the long awaited drop revamp which will make these increases viable, making anyone who is still here pay for more boosters.

I could be completely wrong...... though I've been here long enough to know when i'm getting bent over and slathered with Vaseline.
Testimony 27 June 2014 03:16
^ False whiterummy

What is occuring is they are reducing the drop rate 10% and then you get the 10% back when you Sub....urr booster pack.

Essentially it is this
F2P players will have a reduced drop rate, their incentive to subbing is that they will gain the current Subscripter drop rate,exp rate and Kama rate (which means a 10% increase from F2P).

For all current subscribers there is literally no difference in drop rate.

If you stop your subscription (I mean if you dont buy booster packs) you will find that your drop, exp and kama rate have all decreased. 
Pakonitan 27 June 2014 03:24
Yeah they really should clear that up if the booster packs will be additional exp added onto the current system or not... and does the xp bonus reroll mean an additional bonus multiplier will be added to the existing multiplier for bonus characters. If all of this is truly additional bonuses on our pre-existing system, that would be a big change for Ankama...
aquabeauty 27 June 2014 03:48
uughh... things are beginning to take a turn for the worse...

Here we go... 40$ pets, 80$ insignias... what is next... what could be next?

I pray you dont do F2P all wrong, but from the looks of it.. that is where it is headed.