Now you know: WAKFU will be available on a subscription-free game model. You may think we’d take some benefits away because of this change… Well, we have a surprise that will certainly make you think twice!

All players will have full access to all zones, they can fight all monsters, do PvP, level up without limit, and access to all the unique WAKFU features such as economy, ecosystem, craft and politics.
"This monster isn't giving me enough experience ..." complained the young Iop for the hundredth time after defeating the hundredth piwi, after reaching level 30. Probably he should fight against stronger creatures to evolve his skills, but you know what they all say about Iops...
Tired of Iop's complaints, the gods blessed him with an amazing bonus (of course our wise little friend continued facing Piwis, but that's another story...) and from this magical blessing, Booster Packs were born!
With these packs, you can increase the experience bonus in combat and quests, you'll also have better chances to get items and kamas after battles, as well as other benefits!
Check out the table below to see more details about our upcoming Booster Packs!


And because we know you’ll love this new WAKFU, you’ll be able to get up to 1 year of Booster, based on the 30 days benefits and with a price discount according to the duration.
Which leads us to one question you surely have: How much will cost you? Those Boosters Packs will be available in Ogrines, we’ll share the details for all packs very soon, but rest assured that prices will be really accessible.
Besides the packs, the shop will be also available. As of today, there will be cosmetic items, pets, consumables, companions and services. We’ll get back to you with more details soon.
And don’t worry about your remaining subscription days : they will be automatically converted into Booster days! Plus you might get some other surprises to reward your loyalty to WAKFU... more information, coming soon!
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Neneko88 - Member - 09 July 2014 16:32
DragonPods|2014-07-09 10:39:03umm, just wondering(and maybe it was already answered...) How will the players who had subbed for wakfu in the past be affected by this changed? I noticed that without the booster stuff above, you wont be able to access your account chest... This is a rather BIG issue for those of use who have spent hours and money into the game and are just coming back to this new info.
Account chest is a chest for trading between your alts smile
they're going to add that chest next patch. btw hi! hope you come back smile
Himiso - Member (+) - 11 July 2014 01:17
So.... just to clarify.... Does the boost add to bonuses or does in multiply the final exp/drop rate?

Say I get 1000 base experience from a fight and I got a 100 wisdom challenge done. Would I get
2100 (1000 * (100% base + 100% Wisdom +10% sub bonus)) exp or
2200 (1000* (100% base+100% Wisdom)*1.1 sub bobus)?

If it doesn't multiply the final exp, it is hardly a subscription-worth boost.

Also, whaaaaaaaaaa? Orgines expire? How long do they last?
sanctussRL - Member - 16 July 2014 03:28
cool beans
Runatex 30 August 2014 01:59
I may be kinda late to this... but call me a new player xD i have a huge experience in Dofus and i know how much struggle subscription is to people that cant afford it (if you are a millionare in country i live in you still cant afford subscription) and having WAKFU removing those HUGE benefits from subscribers and sharing it with the rest of community is just more than great. I didnt play WAKFU yet but after seeing there is no subscription thingy ... hell yea im in