WAKFU adventurers, better get ready, because what lies in the future will forever change the way we all play and conquer the beautifull places and different treasures in our magical world! For this WAKFU relaunch, we'll start to break the silence, opening a chest of incredible surprises for you, with a new set of changes in the game model that promises to shock even the more experts and brave adventurers!

Prepare your armors, sharp your swords and prepare to say goodbye to WAKFU's subscriptions!
We are entering a new era! WAKFU will be available on a new subscription-free game model and you'll have full access to the game areas! You will be able to explore the World of Twelve with limitless access!

"But what will be taken away from us to compensate for all this?", asks the young Iop.

NOTHING! Somethings in Wakfu are far too awesome to be removed! Epic combats, economy and ecosystem management, threatening dungeons, start your own shop, conquer zones with your comrades and even be a legendary and well known warrior!
Besides, a Piwi told me about a new PVP system that is being developed, but you didn't heard that from me...
If you already are a subscriber, don't worry about that! We got great news for you too, but we'll keep it as a secret for now!
The same Piwi told me (he’s probably roasted right now...) as we are preparing to embark on this new journey, that we should make this a new begining for WAKFU and the community, therefore how about an Open Beta on july 09th to get you introduced to this new change properly and an oficial release on july 24th!
We have a lot more to share so stay tunned for more news about this great subject!