The mad scientists of the World of Twelve specialists in GMOs (ingeniously modified organisms), created the Ghast in laboratory. Raising this hybrid made of jelly and spectrum now being fully mastered, it is with confidence that you can make him your new pet!

With Ghast at your side, your enemies will not only be frozen with fear, but with the specter of defeat that will haunt them to the point of making them tremble like a Sunday jelly from Granny.  
Their 60 HP and 10 Initiative bonus at lvl 50 are not negligible and as we do not spend our lives fighting, a +20 Prospecting, would be hard to refuse...  
Customizable, Ghast is available in five colors with five accessories.

The Ghast: 5000 OG

Colors and accessories

  • Five colors (250 OG unit) will allow you to match him to your clothes or to the current weather: Lucid, Pinky, SickLivid, Artic.



The full pack 

And if you want to outright make you happy, or provide a gift to a friend in the game, choose the pack: the Ghast with its five colors and its five accessories 7000 OG (instead of 7500)! 
Whatever its appearance, Ghast will please fans of companion creatures, who despite their transparency, often show presence of mind... His faithfulness will cost you a few Perchs, Ditsy and Croquettes, but no need for bread!