We had taken you by surprise last week on the Beta server: Reconnecting in combat, mounts and other improvements! Instead of slowing down we have decided to continue our momentum!


Starting Friday, June 20th, we are welcoming you to take your first steps on Enurado! Yes, the second Divine Dimension will be available for testing entirety on our Beta server today.
We will also update the various content posted recently to allow you to test the various new future developments of WAKFU. 

You will find below the changes that will be available from this Beta server update: 

Mount V2 :
  • Improving the quest to obtain a mount (first part).
  • Animation addition to the mounts.
  • Size change of the mounts.
  • Addition of a separate mount slot separated from the pet slot.
  • Improved monitoring of the camera closer to the mount.
  • Rebalancing of the different speeds.
  • Visual change of the NPC Melmac.
  • Feeding system addition (level gain, loss of HP).

Resistance :
  • Resistance system modification: Test of a new way of operating: final resistance based on the resistance score.

Dungeons minimum level:
  • First balancing of the dungeons minimum level for 90% of the dungeons presents in the game.
  • Adding unlocking dungeons feedback when passing levels.
  • Addition of the required level feedback directly on the Worldmap (dungeon is greyed out if not unlocked).

Enurado :
  • Fully unlocked, but can only be tested in solo and not in group.

Inter-Character chest system:
  • Default amount of slots changed to 10.
  • Interface improvements.

Shushu 2 :
  • New test dungeon.

Reconnecting in combat :
  • No longer needed to wait between combat turns when a player is disconnected (message: waiting for...).
  • Black screen fix when connecting a character while another chracter of the account is still in combat.
  • Reconnecting in combat restriction to combats of the following types: PvP, Duel and basic PvE.
  • The character who reconnects during his turn will now be able to play the rest of the turn's duration.
  • The character disconnected while in combat will be correctly saved if the player goes back to the character selection screen.
  • Certain monsters such as Don Puffnando will no longer be invisible after reconnecting in combat if they are in a special visual state (Puffed Up in this case).
  • A character that reconnects while being KO or outside of combat will now correctly be brought back into combat.
  • The list of timeline bonuses will be correctly created for the character that reconnects in combat.

To connect to the Beta server, just make sure to download and install one of these versions of the Updater:
You will then be able to access the Beta server normally via your login and password as usual. 

Attention: Please note that this server does not give you access to the interface gift, or the Boutique, or to Krosmaster and that it is reserved to our subscribed players.

Also note that changes to your characters on the Beta server will not be reflected on your original server. In addition, since it is a Beta server, all the content is to be noted as being under development, we may have to restart/update it at any time

Please keep in mind that the contents of this server is subject to change and further balancing, and doesn't necessarily reflect the final quality of the content present in-game.

Finally, we invite you to share with us any feedback on unique topics that will be created for this purpose with more infromation, in the forum category "Beta Server". We also invite you to report the various bugs that you may find here (while of course using the usual bug report template). We will also keep you updated on the time of opening of the Beta server.

Thank you in advance for your participation and happy testing!!