The time has come: Visit Srambad and die! Infiltrate the first Divine Dimension, Srambad! Look closely: traps and illusions are common in these places. And your money can quickly change hands without you being informed! Find out now in-game all the surprises that await you in this dark update...

Did the video left you with a watery mouth? It's good, because now you might be struggling! Nobody knows what's lurking in the streets, but what is certain is that on the side of Sram, there are more shadows lurking around than girls carrying flowers!
To catch your breath, go and take a look at the changelog of this game update! As always, a game update is also the opportunity to add new content and make some adjustments so here is a sampler of the menu:
  • The level maximum of characters passes to 150
  • New challenges to spice up combat
  • The "epic" items come into play
  • The balancing of the relics is refined
  • And much more! Everything is detailed "here"
This time, you no longer have any excuse: Visit Srambad... and die!

To encourage you in your new adventure, we offer you’re the Sram Family and the Sram Painting for all purchases made in the boutique from Tuesday 17th to Friday June 20th at 9:59 PM GMT / 5:59 PM EST / 2:59 PM PST (this offer is only valid once per account).