Visiting Srambad and not die: this can be possible thanks to the Sram decorative items, which will make the visitors of your Haven Bag to believe that you returned from "out there"! But if you prefer to be masked, opt for the circus atmosphere under the sign of the Masqueraider.

Rebel warrior is a funny life! Why not? Yeah, I go for it! Oh well, maybe not... although... Where can I find some stability, if not in my own small home? Well do not hesitate any longer: you can create a cozy interior with 10 new Masqueraider class items, available in the Boutique for 120 OG each.

Discover them in the Boutique

As for the Srams, as the time to open the first Divine Dimension is near, might as well to immediately put ourselves in the mood for Srambad: the 10 items pack is made ​​for it, and it only costs 900 OG!


Go check them out in the Boutique!
SeriousBelly 13 June 2014 22:14
Awesome!!! Ankama never disappoints in design and aesthetics. laugh

FireMouse - Member - 13 June 2014 23:02
Ooooh maskalicious!
Ichiechiechie - Member (+) - 14 June 2014 07:25
the Masq items are pretty impressive ^^
Kamiko 14 June 2014 09:53
Finally. I have my Panda bed and my Masq Vanity.
My wakfu life it complete.

If only my items were returned to me from maintenance bug 22 days ago GG hold the re

nonetheless, I'm happy we can finally touch this furniture
MiniMikeh - Member - 14 June 2014 10:55
Mask furniture??? it's like christmas omg
Jannet-fenix 14 June 2014 13:55