The coming months will provide a lot of new content! The Divine Dimensions of course, but not just that... And since the majority of the new content are some of the most requested features, you may start expecting them as well!

Starting Friday, June 13th, we are offering you to test the full Srambad dimension, it's Boss in it's Hardcore version and the addition of a minimum level required to enter a dungeon.

But especially we allow you to get your hands on previews of the substantial advances that may well emerge in the future in WAKFU:
  • Reconnecting in combat: you're not dreaming! Our developers have worked hard to develop a first draft of this functionality and oh so requested feature!
  • Inter-character account chest: this is another feature that has caused much ink, and you will finally be able to test it.
  • First step towards the mounts: YES! the mounts!! You will be able to ride the World of Twelve on their back... or almost.

To connect to the Beta server, just make sure to download and install one of these versions of the Updater:
You will then be able to access the Beta server normally via your login and password as usual. 

All of your characters will be imported with your Sidekick to the Beta server as they were on Thursday 22/05 at 9:59 PM GMT / 5:59 PM EST / 2:59 PST. 

Attention: Please note that this server does not give you access to the interface gift, or the Boutique, or to Krosmaster and that it is reserved to our subscribed players.

Also note that changes to your characters on the Beta server will not be reflected on your original server. In addition, since it is a Beta server, all the content is to be noted as being under development, we may have to restart/update it at any time

Please keep in mind that the contents of this server is subject to change and further balancing, and doesn't necessarily reflect the final quality of the content present in-game.

Finally, we invite you to share with us any feedback on unique topics that will be created for this purpose with more infromation, in the forum category "Beta Server". We also invite you to report the various bugs that you may find here (while of course using the usual bug report template). We will also keep you updated on the time of opening of the Beta server.

Thank you in advance for your participation and happy testing!