Next Monday, the World of Twelve is celebrating Plant-Cawwot! On this occasion, enjoy the weekend with special bonuses in XP and Kamas in the dungeons of Wabbit Island!

"The Plant-Cawwot celebration comes straight from a Wabbit tradition. Its origins are obscure and lost in the mists of time. The only thing we know is that it is a mystical ritual..."

Starting Saturday June 7th (00:01 AM server time) until Sunday June 8th (11:59 PM server time), enjoy a bonus of +50% combat XP and +100% Kamas in all the dungeons of Wabbit Island: 

  • Black Wabbit Dungeon
  • Lenald Empelol's Temple Dungeon
  • Wabbit Dungeon
  • Cuwsed Cawwot Stowewoom
  • Wa Wabbit's Castle

Whether you like Cawwots or you hate them: there is no reason not to mash them this weekend!