This Sunday is the celebration of Namyknof the Meridia of the beaches! We wanted to take this opportunity to offer you special bonuses in XP and Kamas in the dungeons of the most beautiful sandy islands of the World of Twelve and on top of that let's also make it a free 3 days weekend (Nox and Remington servers) as a token of our appreciation during the recent difficulties!

Starting Saturday May 31st (00:01 AM server time) until Sunday June 1st (11:59 PM server time), enjoy a bonus of +50% combat XP and +100% Kamas in the dungeons of the following islands:
  • Calamar Island – Dark Hurl Docks
  • Bilbiza – Dancehall Arena
  • Bilbiza – Mussly Hammam
  • Bilbiza – Jelly Dungeon
  • Ohwymi – Castuc Dungeon (normal & hardcore)
  • Ohwymi – Blackspore Dungeon (normal & hardcore)

Perhaps you thought of honoring Namyknof by quietly basking in the sun this weekend? It will however be the perfect time to put your grain of sand in the wheels of these dungeons... 

But that's not all!

So that everyone can benefit from this special event and to further thank you for your patience during the recent difficulties, we would like to also offer you a free 3 day weekend on WAKFU (starting Friday 10 PM GMT / 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST until Monday 2nd of June 10 PM GMT / 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST) on Nox and Remington servers without any Non Subscriber restrictions! 

So go prepare your buckets and your rakes: These castles are waiting for you!