A pet that has flair, anyone? Forget the granny style Bow Wow, with this one there's a even a prospecting bonus in the air! And he is like no other pet with four accessories and five colors, you will be able to be unique just like you wished for! If you fear that your Bow Wow may run away: think about getting the emote "Call a Dog"!


This Bow Wow pet has all the qualities of a great Bow Wow! He is cute, brimming with vitality as soon as a new adventure is in sight, and hides nothing of his mood: he rolls on the ground, growls, feels like a wolf and lies down... In short, a perfect companion! And this pet is not difficult: Chafer Bone, Bow Meow Fish, Crowned Thistle or First Choice Kibble will make him very happy. In exchange, at level 50, he will bring you 60 HP, 12 Wisdom and 12 Prospecting!


The Bow Wow pet: 5 000 OG

A Bow Wow is good, but your very own Bow Wow is better and no need to give him a bath!
Give him the look that will suit him the best! 

  • 5 colors (250 OG each) : "Bow Wow: White, "Bow Wow" Midnight Blue, "Bow Wow" Yellow, "Bow Wow" Brown, "Bow Wow" Drak Brown.

If you like to mix and match, do not hesitate, we have just the thing for you: for 6 500 OG, the Pack Bow Wow and its 9 accessories!

To always make sure to be close to your Bow Wow, here is a good way: the emote "Call a dog"!