The Divine Dimensions will bring their lots of surprises, but also new relics! We had recently offered to you to choose the aura of a Saharash relic. This time we let you choose the statistics of the next new breastplate: Mangelâme*!

The team has submitted to us six possibilities, each corresponding to a specific style of gameplay. It is now your turn to vote for the one you want to see be implemented in-game!

The statistic proposal that has received the most votes (all communities) will then be attributed to this famous breastplate. The link to the survey can be found here and at the end of the news

(*Name and description to be localized)

Here are the statistic proposals and play styles from which you can choose:

1. AP/Damage Relic

  • +1 AP
  • +1 MP
  • +115 HP
  • +25 INI
  • +7% CH
  • +65% Dmg ALL
  • +15% Critical dmg
  • +15% Resist. ALL

2. MP/Damage Relic

  • +2 MP
  • +135 HP
  • +35 INI
  • +7% CH
  • +75% Dmg ALL
  • +25% Dmg from the back
  • +25% Resist. ALL

3. Range/Damage Relic

  • +1 MP
  • +1 Range
  • +1 Control
  • +170 HP
  • +30 INI
  • +30 Dodge
  • +7% CH
  • +70% Dmg ALL
  • +20% Resist ALL

4. "Tank" Relic

  • +1 MP
  • +410 HP
  • +40 Lock
  • +40 Dodge
  • +12 Block
  • +40% Dmg ALL
  • +40% Resist. ALL
  • +20% Resist. damage from the back

5. AP without MP "Tank" Relic

  • +1 PA
  • +320 Pdv
  • +30 Lock
  • +30 Dodge
  • +10 Block
  • +40% Dmg ALL
  • +40% Resist. ALL
  • +20% Resist. damage from the back

6. "Damage" Relic without AP/MP

  • +170 HP
  • +40 INI
  • +60 Dodge
  • +7% CH
  • +100% Dmg ALL
  • +20% Dmg from the back
  • +20% Critical dmg
  • +30% Resist. ALL
  • +1 Lvl ALL spells
Comments (59) Comment on the forum...
GodIsWithUs - Member - 22 May 2014 17:08
Congratulations Ankama, instead of giving us six original stat groups, you give us some original ones with some useless stats (such as tanking having dodge) while giving us the two perennial favorites (damage with AP and damage without AP). Unsurprising, in the early voting #1 and #6 are the ones winning. Damage with AP has Solomonk, Harry Boots, and Dark Vlad. Damage without AP has Celestial Bearbarian, Otomai, Meridia, and Nettlez. Tanking has just the Asse Shield, which has no lock. CMC only has the PDB.

Ankama should have never done this voting. It is obvious what the outcome will be.

Also, hopefully that is not the final image. It is so plain and ugly for a relic.
TheOrgastic 22 May 2014 17:13
I'll never get one :'(
Gynrei 22 May 2014 17:14
It is obvious, I'll take number 6.
Axxort - Member - 22 May 2014 17:20
#1 Nope, for this level and the farming time you will need itrs to low.

#2 Good for DDs who can attackj from behind. (Sram, Dragon Osa) But the HP are to low and the mp are useles if you are in closed combat. It would be better if you add Dodge.

#3 Same as #2 for Range DDs (Cra, Xelor) but the HP are perfeckt.

#4 Don´t make sense, because you can get a very good tank breast with 140 at wabbit with the quest.

#5 1. +320 Pdv sure and no HP?
2. The same as #5 but the ap instat of the mp could be usefull.

Gynrei 22 May 2014 17:20
I'd love to say yes to a Tank Relic but here's my problem. Unless you're Trank you can't be sure most bosses will hit only yourself.

Bosses are given attacks that hit multiple players because if a boss focus fired a single player bad things would happen. So they spread out their damage meaning one players high res/block is mostly wasted.

Damage isn't wasted.
SSBKewkky - Member - 22 May 2014 17:46
3 and 5 look great, I could go for either of them. I'd probably choose 3 though. We have enough damage relics and not enough range options.
blasphemousmisery 22 May 2014 18:11
Rather have new content, bug fixes, drop rates fixed (needs to be done soon or a lot more people are going to leave), better gear revamps and class revamps before you throw another crap relic at us that takes months to grind for because of super low drop rates.
Pakonitan 22 May 2014 18:49
I definitely chose the first one. AP and MP together are pretty hard to come by.
Celay01 22 May 2014 18:53
You dont need strategy really, just have as much as damage you can have and attack everything you see.

Of course %100 damage is best option in a system like that.
PeckSanders - Member - 22 May 2014 18:58
"6. "Damage" Relic without AP/MP"