The desire to save the world might have touched your mind many times, but you probably had more important things to do like fighting a Piwi or prepare a delicious Humble Pie... It's time to catch up by showing the world that if the clothes do not make the man, emotes can make him be a superhero... but only for a limited time!

Is it a Tofu? Or even a Bulloo Hottair? No, this is a Super Show emote!

Who has never dreamed of putting on Ayron Fan themed underwears or wearing the colors of Captain Amakna? With the Super Show emote, you can finally put on your benefactor costume and awaken the superhero in you!
Do lycra tights makes you itchy? Let yourself be seduced by the Borbat emote! Surround yourself with an army of Borbats to give you a dark and sinister appearance... Your hero will be bigger than ever, even when kneeling on the ground!
Hurry up! Your glory may be short-lived, as both emotes will be available from Friday 16th to Tuesday, May 20th, until 1 PM GMT / 9 AM EST / 6 AM PST ! They will be yours for 900 Ogrines each as heroic lingerie is simply priceless...