You were many from all the different WAKFU communities to come to the Ankama Convention for the 10 years of DOFUS, and we thank you! We will now share the results of the raffle that allowed some of the visitors to win WAKFU subscriptions, as well as photos that we have taken during the event! 

Let's first start with what you are waiting for the most: the results of the raffle to win WAKFU subscriptions and here are the winners!

Won 1 year WAKFU MMO subscription
Rahinsoo (Xavier E.)

Won 3 months WAKFU MMO subscription

Trynnity26 (Anne-Laure S.)
petitjuju (Julien D.)
-DeanAstyPurple- (Julien H.)
Krozsmarties (Tamara G.)
Musicus (Quentin V.)

Won 1 month WAKFU MMO subscription
zarfy123 (Raphaël B.)
WaksFull (David B.)
iree (Thomas R.)
ponponbenji (Juliette L.)
Origi (Guillaume M.)
lacuentacinco (Andres S. C.)
narutohiro (Jérôme H.)
Babse (Mads J.)
yuihon (Silvia A. C.)
dennyd26600 (Denny D.)

Congratulations to you all! Your subscription will be credited in the coming days to the account corresponding to the nickname above.

We will now end this article with pictures from the convention with a special mention to the beautiful cosplays that we admired during these three days...

Again thank you to all of you for making the trip to come visit us at the convention! The ambience was great and it was a pleasure for us to reconnect with the tradition of conventions in your company. Thank you for your smiles, your support for WAKFU MMO, and see you soon at an upcoming show!
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kurokat 08 May 2014 08:17
Ooo, looks like there was a lot of fun to be had =^.^=

- Kat
Celay01 08 May 2014 08:23
Now you can leave party and can care your game happy 
IDCAA - Member - 08 May 2014 09:00
I wonder if that guy's selling his Solomonk.
Rokugatsu - Member - 08 May 2014 10:15
Looks fun, next year I'll have to go too! biggrin
Ichiechiechie - Member (+) - 08 May 2014 10:33
IDCAA|2014-05-08 09:00:16I wonder if that guy's selling his Solomonk.

I wonder where and how long it took him to gather all 100 fragments.
PickPocketPro 08 May 2014 12:48
so this is happening while our server is on Chaos.
Mariallium - Member - 08 May 2014 15:47
so wish i could have been there but didn't have the budget for international travel. next time... next time....
note to sell: [save money for travel to next Ankama convention]
AugustAJS 09 May 2014 19:53
If I went to one of these, I think I would have just worn a t shirt and shorts
Graveraider 09 May 2014 20:55
Less convention, more developing action!
MidNight6977 09 May 2014 21:59
Wow... that convention has a LOT of wakfu geeks.