Lazy ones, on this beginning of Maysial, you might be left alone! The real stars? Crafters! For the first time in WAKFU: +20% Craft experience (gathering, planting, and crafting) from April 30th, 5 PM to May 2nd, 9 AM.

The story says that when Fairy Lax and the other Faeries started their famous strike of Maysial 1st, crafters were frightened… What if this coalition spread to all professions? To prevent it, they created the Profession day.

And the Profession Day is also a very long one! Although it is officially celebrated on Maysial 1st, its effects are confirmed to take place from April 30th, 5 PM to May 2nd,  9 AM. Time for you to gather more… Profession experience!

During this period, you’ll receive 20% more profession experience (when gathering, planting and crafting)! Yes, Maysial 1st is the Almanax celebration of Fairy Lax, and you might be just lazing around at home… But you’ll still have to activate in game and use the occasion!