Easy to move around in a Cra’s home as everything is marked, you just have to follow the arrows. Unless you have a bad eye: nothing helps better than a tidy up Haven Bag, with ten new class items! And as for the Fecas, we have a well prepared pack for them!

We know that the Cras, with their open air attitude, willingly display a certain distance towards material things. Does it makes them people without taste or people without refinement? Of course not! Here is the proof: they do enjoy a little decoration in their Haven Bag. To encourage them in this way less down-to-earth than it looks, we will now put the spotlight on the ten new class items designed just for them!


Discover them in the Boutique



As good guardians, Fecas never go out without protection (thanks to their shield), and are always careful where they put their shepherd's crook. The same goes when it comes to furniture: this is why we are offering them a special pack of ten items at 900 OG instead of 1200!