If you do not come quickly, she will eventually go on a mission alone! This engineer is strong, intelligent, passionate, curious, bubbly... but not patient! It might be time to get her the help she need, right?

Well then? What do you expect? Are you impressed? Shy perhaps? In any case, Pandora is here and is waiting for you! In normal times, she may very well do without you.

But here it is different, she needs a bodyguard to... Well, we will let her explain it herself!

And especially during this introductory quest of the Divine Dimensions, you will quickly realize that Pandora is far from a simple Sunday handywoman!

The Temple of Scriptures teleport, does it reminds you of anything? You know, this object that allows you to get to the Temple of Scriptures! It is Pandora who invented it so now you have a better idea of her…
Go, go, hop, hop! Hurry up! We are (at least) still giving you time to download the update! The narrative theme of the year starts now!