With his frizzy head surmounted by two small horns, the Gobbly that you are familiar with... Well now it can also be your pet as it is available in the Boutique! And this offer is unique: you will be able to stand out from the herd, with its colors and personalization options!

One of the Osamodas disciples, who was bored and looking for a companion worthy of his rank, decided to ask his God: "Please, draw me a little prince." Nobody knows why, but probably driven by inspiration fell from the sky, he drew him a Gobbly! And so, according to the legend (also highly contested) that this adorable creature would gradually spread in the World of Twelve.

The Gobbly is the monster that everyone loves to fight, especially young adventurers because they get to discover it for the first time and the more advanced adventurers because they know it very well!
So why not make it today your very own pet? It will give you HP (+60), some lock (+24) and not to mention the damage (+15%) that it is capable of causing! Visit the Boutique: starting today, this cute animal is yours for 5000 OG.

Make it unique!

But beware: do not to confuse your Gobbly pet with any Gobbly! You will also find enough options to make it a unique Gobbly:



We will even have a special offer for you about the Gobbly: the pet pack (Gobbly Pack) and all its accessories at a price of 7000 OG!