Fancy a game of strategy on mobile which changes the ordinary? How about repainting the world into a war with no mercy, all this thanks to your hand? Ready to defend your colors?

After many months of gestation, Ankama is proud to announce their new baby: Tactile Wars! Two words and already the concept is abstract. Tactile Wars is a solo or multiplayer strategy game in which you must lead your troops into battle directly at the tips of your fingers!
Place your squads in training or out to conquer enemy defenses generated by the game or implemented by other players, repaint your enemy units with your own pigments and extend the power of your color to climb up the world rankings!
Icing on the cake if the release date has yet to be revealed, Tactile Wars will be playable for the first time during Ankama Convention that takes place on May 2nd until to May 4th in Lille, France.