On April 7, a world security flaw has disrupted the entire Internet. Even if this issue is important, no exploit on our websites has been detected. For safety, we recommend that you still change your password.

Heartbleed has flooded the web in the last few days, in different information networks, but also via some companies. This vulnerability affects multiple versions of OpenSSL software, which is a large part of web security.

You see the "s" at the end of "https”, or more simply, the lock on your browser address bar? Well, roughly, that is OpenSSL. This protocol is used to encrypt and protect your confidential data (bank details, identification, passwords, etc. . .) to prevent malicious people to get their hands on them.
Therefore Heartbleed is a hole in the bottom of the internet grid, a breach where these people can dive in and retrieve your data without encryption.
So yes, once said like this, it does make it look serious. But do not panic, our experts are on the spot since the announcement of the flaw and are confirming that no damage was detected on all our services. Our OpenSSL security protocol is not affected by this problem, so you can continue to rely on our dear "https" on our website.
As a precaution, we still put in place the necessary measures for your protection and invite you to change your password.
For more information on Heartbleed you can read this article.