Where is my bamboo milk supply? And my pints to share it with everyone? Look no further! Choose from ten new decorative Pandawa items and decorate your Haven Bag! As usual, the Sadidas have already planted the seed and are even doing better: their complete bedroom set is 900 OG! Normal: today is Earth Day.

If the Pandawas in their good warrior’s ways, do not tire to continue the conversation, nothing prevents them to decorate their Haven Bag. After the Enutrofs, they shall receive ten new unreleased items, to discover in the Boutique:

Choose in the Boutique
Soon a new class will be in the spot light! Patience...

The Sadida Bedroom Set
For their Haven Bag, the Sadidas now have a pack with woolands flavor: the complete bedroom set with 10 class items, for 900 OG instead of 1200!


Celay01 22 April 2014 20:41
Finally something nice between all bad things you did...

Thanks! happy 
MeFloat - Member - 22 April 2014 22:04
Very nice, I like the lamp and the plant.
Need more girly futniture, though.
Onesti - Member - 23 April 2014 06:49
Thirsty Thirsty Pandawa

These are cute.
Once I get I'll post my Panda's HB.

Hope everyone likes and can get some inspiration!

Rokugatsu - Member - 23 April 2014 14:09
Awesome HB, Onesti!
OM3GA-Z3R0 23 April 2014 14:28
Sabi, these advertisements are useless to people that can't purchase ogrines, they purchase the ogrines and the payment method takes the money but doesn't add ogrines to the account, you simply can't ignore this problem because it is definitely going to bite Ankama back, please stop ignoring it and explain why people aren't getting their ogrines after 5 days of purchase and still waiting!


Support doesn't work either so sending a ticket is pointless.
frenchlady1 24 April 2014 00:02
omg, I have been waiting for some panda decoartions!
my main is a panda and these are to die for! I'll be buying these soon and redecoarting my panda's haven bag. Thanks wakfu. ♥
cbunny - Member (+) - 24 April 2014 21:12
I've been waiting and hoping, thank you so much for finally releasing biggrin
I love this set ! The go well with other existing pieces too, this is great for customization.
Eve-Drivelty - Member - 26 May 2016 17:23
Are you going to make any Sacrier Decoration Items? smile 
[Flatops] - Administrator - 27 May 2016 07:28
Eve-Drivelty|2016-05-26 17:23:44Are you going to make any Sacrier Decoration Items? smile

Hey Eve,

Thanks for the suggestion!