From April 17th to the 23rd, come taste Shosanne‘s treats! Outstanding cook, her ideas are as wide as her pots, which is why she is offering a challenge to all citizens of the World of Twelve: anyone who can find the ingredients for her recipes will be rewarded. A bit of logic, luck and lots of gastronomy, these are the ingredients of Fleastermind!


Sometimes, candies can be falling from the sky. Often happens at the start of Aperirel ...
Other times, it is up to you to create them so that you can be showered with in-game gifts!
This is what Shosanne, the baker who never burns one of her recipe, wants to offer you. On the special occasion of Fleaster she wants to reward the gastronomy apprentices who will find her recipes!
From April 17th to the 23rd, combine the ingredients found in the pantry.
Initially at random, but then by elimination, you can rely on your 4 attempts to reveal the recipe of the day!
If you are smart, you will leave with an in-game gift every day under your arm!
In other words: no elbow grease, no chocolate... Or something like that.

Gifts to win