Some adventurers say that the only way to get a Black Wabbit costume, is to get a shiny Wabbit and find a good tailor... Slander! If some of you have had the chance to wear it on a special quest, here is something even better: until 8 AM GMT / 4 AM EST / 1 AM PST on  Monday, April 14th, find it in the Boutique! 


This nasty Wabbit, this natural dispenser of bread, is not easily stripped of its business. And the Wabbits are not the type to let their clothes hanging in every corner of the World of Twelve! At best, you may be able to wear the costume only during a quest on Wabbit Island, but then ... poof! Gone! 

But not anymore, enjoy a unique opportunity: This weekend only until Monday 14th of April (8 AM GMT / 4 AM EST / 1 AM PST ), the Black Wabbit costume is available in the Boutique for 2800 OG, and you shall be dressed Wabbit style!
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Asthis 11 April 2014 16:52
Can we have the 3,000 ogrine option fixed so we can buy it?
Jade1 11 April 2014 17:02
ty sabi!

it's great and I hope ankama sees that should spend more times making costumes than haven bag decorationshappy 
jade-harley - Member - 11 April 2014 17:25
Finally T^T
Karakedi 11 April 2014 17:25
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootttt wub

Thank you Ankama for making this Adorable Costume availible for us.

Thank you a lot Sabi for forwarding our requests to the designers. wub
Fastest--thing 11 April 2014 17:30
Thank you I always love seeing costumes in store I hope to see hunter guild costumes also one day!
and that bathing suit on Asian sever right now.
FurmentalAlchemy 11 April 2014 17:49
Yeesh, I know as a community we've been begging you to finally make this costume available... but for 3 days only, and 2800 Ogrines? Way to milk it. :/ I'll probably still buy it, but you might want to reconsider things for future "offers" as it kinda feels like a low blow.
Vishvamitra - Member - 11 April 2014 18:57
It's an awesome costume but I refuse to expend ogrines with it since it's a very cheap trick to limit the item offer for only 3 days just to double it's price.
Low Blow.
Fadedscourge - Member - 11 April 2014 19:27
wow, it's about time!
Agosta - Member - 11 April 2014 19:36
2800 ogrines? That's fucking hilarious.

Way to guarantee I don't resub.

dev1: the userbase really wants this costume
dev2: instead of giving it to them let's make them wait 6 months then rob them blind
dev1: brilliant!
Ounce - Member - 11 April 2014 19:43
I'm sorry but this costume should be available free in game after you've done quest that is linked to it. The same way the cactus costume is and for you to sell it over double what regular costumes go for and for a limited 3 days is pretty insulting. I was one of those people happy to find out that they were going to add this costume but just from the way they have went about this it negates my interest in getting the costume.

To me this is up there with selling emotes that can easily be obtained in game. I want to have faith in ankama as a company but sometimes they come off as greedy and tacky =\