Some adventurers say that the only way to get a Black Wabbit costume, is to get a shiny Wabbit and find a good tailor... Slander! If some of you have had the chance to wear it on a special quest, here is something even better: until 8 AM GMT / 4 AM EST / 1 AM PST on  Monday, April 14th, find it in the Boutique! 


This nasty Wabbit, this natural dispenser of bread, is not easily stripped of its business. And the Wabbits are not the type to let their clothes hanging in every corner of the World of Twelve! At best, you may be able to wear the costume only during a quest on Wabbit Island, but then ... poof! Gone! 

But not anymore, enjoy a unique opportunity: This weekend only until Monday 14th of April (8 AM GMT / 4 AM EST / 1 AM PST ), the Black Wabbit costume is available in the Boutique for 2800 OG, and you shall be dressed Wabbit style!