The second and final area of Saharash came out last week... Now that you've experienced the whole story, give us your opinion about this new adventure island! 

If you have traveled the Saharach desert thoroughly or even if  you only stayed long enough to find out that you had a Schanker phobia... Your opinion matters!
In this survey, tell us if you liked Saharash, especially tell us about the part that you enjoyed the most:
Do not hesitate to be more specific in the comments of this news by describing what you liked or didn't like. 
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SoulCube 10 April 2014 18:35
Not at all
A little
A lot

Madly in love
These options are terrible! It jumps from A little to A lot in one step. I'd give it 5/10 but there's no middle of the road option there. Please balance them a bit more if you want more precise/meaningful feedback
Mariallium - Member - 10 April 2014 19:01
true it does make the survey highly subjective but overall it's one of the less problem prone releases Wakfu has had so saying we like it a lot isn't a huge stretch of truth
Seguchi-sama - Member - 10 April 2014 19:05
Voted for the quests but I want to point out that graphic side of the second area/quest areas is just gorgeous. Those pretty details, those lovely colors. I can see a lot of artist effort put here and do appreciate it a lot. Great job, design team.
TommyTrouble - Member - 10 April 2014 19:33
The Good:
  • The design of some of Saharash, as well as pretty much the entire Fungopole. So beautiful and detailed! The giant mushrooms and many species of fungus really bring it forward as a pinnacle of good design in Wakfu. I cannot ever thank you enough for doing such a good job of using your square-cell design in a creative, world-building way.
  • The high mountains to climb in Saharash. Needed more of this, but it's a start in a good direction. I love the sense of exploring new offshoots of areas. Would have been great if we could run across a portion of the desert near the border, or more rocky areas. More little caves and crevasses in Fungopole, as well as a possible underpass tunnel with a rushing stream would have been nice.
  • The attention to detail for the species of creatures topside and down below. I specifically loved the angry Ancestral Spirits challenge mobs, up on the surface. Only after accessing the Fungopole do you realize the Ancestral Spirits are partway between the Fungus form and the Castuc form. What a wonderful detail! It's one thing to say "these things have evolved since the Dofus Era" and it's another thing entirely to encounter and intermediary form. Thank you for bringing this bit of the history to life.
  • The mini-ub fights and facing Ogrest during a drug-frenzy. The single best quest I have ever had. We need more fun, very surprising stuff like this, especially with odd buffs and doubles. Was soooo much fun!
  • The Castuc translation. I wish a bit more was done with this in the future.
  • The awesome Chef Recipes. Thank you for making Chef stuff that is good. (Wabbit Island stuff needs a review, kthanks!)
  • All the new Plants, Crops, Ores, "Fish", and Trees! And they all have recipes! WOW.
  • The music in Saharash, esp. the vocals.
The Bad:

  • The endless glitches with Jumping Jack Gaps in the last part of the Temple.
  • WTF overpopulation of Blackspores re-seeding themselves up over the threshold.
  • WTF not enough tree spots for an actually-happy Clan Member. Why do all the areas since Bilbiza have some stupid-horrible Clan Member wish that is physically impossible to ever get correct? Wabbits have Cawwots, and now we have to deal with a Tree demand that is a total joke. It's an ugly thing to do to your players.
  • Not enough different sized Fungus decorations to craft or drop or Achieve or buy. I want a mushroom garden, damn you! ADD MORE DECORATIONS. A fungus that has lights -actual lights- or that releases little spores in an animation is a must. I don't understand how anyone would pass up such an opportunity to get us to throw our Ogrines at you, and thus need to buy more in the future. Money in your pocket, Ankama. Think about it!
The Ugly:

  • The Hardcore Dungeons. Especially limiting certain drops to Harcore-Only. Vigorously screwing over people who have busy adult lives, school, illnesses, or other obligations is never a good way to generate praise for Wakfu. Let Hardcore be a reward for the best players, not a freaking requirement for anyone who wants a piece of equipment!
  • The reduced drop-rate of Relic fragments. It feels like the game designers actively hate us.
  • The Drhellzerker glitches when fighting with spores dropped on the field.
  • The lack of Dragoturkey Snails underside. There's like 50 in the desert, but only 3 in Fungopole? At least have 4-5 for better navigation.
Pakonitan 10 April 2014 19:46
I liked how things looked kinda... I'm more into angelic magical stuff....
Multimediapanda - Member - 10 April 2014 19:54
So I like Saharash quite a bit, but not passionately. My favorite thing about any new content is the profession aspect. New plants and things to make (especially for chef) make me a happy Xelor.

I also agree with a lot of the stuff Tommy Trouble said

and Also having to redo EVERYTHING in the sanctuary if you die is really craptastic, especially when you die at the very end.
Ricesoup 10 April 2014 19:55
i hate hardcore only drops and reduced to nothing relic drop rate in normals
Neneko88 - Member - 10 April 2014 20:49
Um how about more details sabi?


  • drop rate for equips
  • fragment drop rate outside the dungeon
  • hardcore dungeon drop rate is horrible (didnt you go through a lot and deserve a higher drop rate?
  • bad for summon classes (you need to keep summoning the same weak doll every turn and you barely get to use one spell). Basically they target dolls for example too much compared to wabbits


  • island design is amazing..specially the spore area
  • monsters design is great too and they fight in a fair way (a lot better than lenalds who have 30MP, teleport, damage, heal, high resists, and distance requirements
  • profession resources are amazing! each area have one for each prof..this is great ty
  • the profession crafts are pretty bad though, you only added like one craft and it's all so limited. Why not add like 3 breastplates or 5 weapons?


No..please don't add the Saharash relic system to wabbit and chillberg. It's not rewarding at all, I rather spend 10 years trying to get 100 fragments than Saharash relic system.

I wish no one would vote on that poll, it's a trick and it won't get ankama to do what we want them to do. The island design is good but it has a lot of problems that they mention in the poll like the relic system.
[Sabi] - Administrator - 10 April 2014 20:58
SoulCube|2014-04-10 18:35:06Not at all
A little
A lot

Madly in love
These options are terrible! It jumps from A little to A lot in one step. I'd give it 5/10 but there's no middle of the road option there. Please balance them a bit more if you want more precise/meaningful feedback

I can understand your point, which is why all types of feedback is important to get all opinions.

Yes, the poll is a visual tool but at the end we do combine both the poll results and your feedback, so that nothing is left aside.
Lofty 10 April 2014 21:06
  • The Items aren't that bad
  • Mechanic that isn't a pain to bypass (like Lenalds)
  • Design is excellent

  • Drop rate for items
  • Drop rate for items