No more muddy shovels and shoes laying around in your Haven Bag! Enutrofs will finally be able to decorate and arrange their belongings with ten new decorative items. As for the Eniripsas, they can now treat their home with a dedicated pack at a discounted price. And this has only just begun!

Let’s start this new creation of decoration items cycle with the Enutrofs. Enutrof brothers, you no longer need to get into senseless excavations to bring back chipped trinkets! To decorate your Haven Bag, it is in the Boutique that you may find your treasure. Enjoy these specially designed ten new items:

As for you, dear Eniripsas on this World Health Day, do not become sick from hesitating between the wardrobe, the jewelry box, the bed or even the table: the complete pack of your class will now cost 900 OG instead of 1200 OG!