Tuesday on April 8th, the Updater will benefit from some improvements! Find out all the details in this dedicated news...

This update of the Updater will be automatically done on April 8th and will be compatible with all operating systems: therefore you do not have to do anything!

At the end of the update, you will see the following changes:
  • Updates in the background: the Updater will check every 5 minutes if there is an update to be performed and if this is the case, it will install it automatically. You can configure this feature in the Updater options.
  • The Updater will be able to send notifications. We currently use this feature to warn you of a new game update. This notification system will use:
    • The Integrated Windows system
    • libnotify for Linux,
    • The integrated system with Mac OSX, Growl or OSX notification center depending on your OSX version.
  • Better integration of the Updater to the notification area.
  • Mode "turtle": this option listed in the menu of the system tray, will allow the updater to use less system resources (CPU, bandwidth, etc.). In return, the update will be slower.
  • During an update, its progression may be accessed directly in the tooltip of the notification area.
  • In case of crash, an special message will appear and a button will allow you to immediately restart the Updater.

  • New diagnostic tool: the Updater will collect some useful information about the configuration of your machine, including your OpenGL and Direct X versions. This will allow a better exchange of information between our support team and you in case of issues. You will simply be able to use the F3 shortcut to display it on your screen.
  • If your graphics driver is outdated, the Updater will warn you at launch.
  • Overall performance improvements to play WAKFU.
In addition to these improvements, stability will be improved and many bugs will be fixed.

We will get back to you on Tuesday to inform you of the exact time of implementation. Do not hesitate to share with us your feedback and questions!