Starting this Friday, April 4th at 9:59 PM GMT / 5:59 PM EST / 2:59 PM PST access the second and final part of Saharash Island.  Discover the sequel to the quest, the mystery surrounding this arid area and prepare yourself for a hot boiling ending...

" The Fungi Master under a Treechnid hiding a drink under its bulb. The adventurer so dehydrated by thirst starts to say a few words: "Hey! Hello Fungi Master! Seriously you are perfect! Really, if your...

- Okay, okay... I know you know that I have something to drink!
The adventurer opens his beak wide allowing the liquid to go down his throat, and it is in a cave that he immediately falls into, discovering this very much new strange environment... "
- Excerpt from a fable of the Age of Dofus.
Beware of mushrooms! You may have hallucinations in this new area!
Enter the Fungopole to combat Blackspores and even a boss... one that could make you sweat! The moral of the story: beware of still water that runs deep...
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Ckillzz162 - Member - 04 April 2014 12:04
Awesome, i hope that black spore set is worth it, Enu needs it lol
AugustAJS 04 April 2014 14:30
Excited for new content-o smile Thanks
shake-spear 04 April 2014 19:44
Best trailer so far
MakoSeraph - Member - 04 April 2014 21:24
Is this gonna count for the April update, or should we expect a bit more later in the month?
Unsavorygoods - Member - 04 April 2014 23:22
There won't be an actual update until some time in May.
Fadedscourge - Member - 04 April 2014 23:46
shake-spear|2014-04-04 19:44:06Best trailer so far
yeah, I enjoyed this trailer a lot. I like how they integrated the cartoons with the game.
Agosta - Member - 05 April 2014 00:02
5:59pm EST they said. It'll unlock they said.  
Fadedscourge - Member - 05 April 2014 00:15
Agosta|2014-04-05 00:02:475:59pm EST they said. It'll unlock they said.
They never do what they say they will do.
Pakonitan 05 April 2014 00:17
Puts a touch of sadness in meh heart. Guess I'll wait half an hour...
Nox16 - Member - 05 April 2014 00:37
i feel so betrayed!