A new support website means learning new habits and adapting to change. The Support team would like to help you out, save some of your time, and simplify your life with a video tutorial!

The new site offers several advantages: it is better organized, more practical, and offers more in-depth information. Many of you have expressed your appreciation for this change, but there are also some lingering questions.
To help bring everyone up to speed, we’ve created this video tutorial. It will explain how to efficiently navigate the site’s FAQs, how to quickly create a support account, how to send a ticket, and how to view the responses you receive from the support team.
With this brief tutorial, you’ll have the key to unlock the best features of the new Support site!
Toastman7 - Member (+) - 28 March 2014 17:43
Ankama, I love you guys, but I'm waiting for 10 days on a response for my ticket.

Or maybe you guys are really busy. I just hope to get a response real soon.

Ticket: 1036261
Date March 18, 2014

Sorry If I'm annoying, I just want your guys's attention. smile
ZioWilli 28 March 2014 18:07
If it's about a bug, do not expect any response, I sent tickets that have not recived response after months. I guess they just do not answer to bug tickets (I hope they read them anyway).

On the other hand i have to say i used the old support site about an account issue and the communication was fast.
Celay01 28 March 2014 18:37
We need one more video, how to fix all bugs and keep people away from support site. wink 
berryscary 29 March 2014 00:14
I wish I could see the "How Ankama uses the Ankama Support Site".
Just so I could get a better idea of what process they use to respond to and resolve tickets we send in.
We have done our parts, now those at Ankama Support need to do theirs.

(The worst/best thing about the new support system is you can see how long its been since you've submitted a ticket and whether you've received a response- so now players know exactly how long they've been ignored.)
Toastman7 - Member (+) - 02 April 2014 01:17
My problem is solved, thank Ankama!